How to start a crochet business

by - 5/02/2019

Hello beautiful people,

How you all doing? Hope you guys get clear ideas about crochet hooks and yarns. If not check out my blogpost here about hooks and yarns details.

 In this post I want share with you about how to start a crochet business.

Being a beginner we always have some doubts and hesitation about how to turn our passion into a business. If you are very good at crocheting skill and can easily make a product by reading a pattern and everyone appreciates your work then there you can start a business with it. A small investment at first can make a big difference in the future.

When I restart my crochet before 4 years I was an absolute beginner at that stage. I made a lot of mistakes but at the end I always learn something new from that. I make free gifts to everyone, to my family, to my friends. Everyone appreciated at my work. I never ever thought of selling my crochet works at those times. Even I don’t know the power of social medias during that times though I learnt a lot through google and youtube.

It was one particular day I made one baby booties to my friend’s baby. That pattern was totally made by me. It turned out very neat and professional. I received lots and lots of complimentary from everyone. Everyone started asking me the rates of it. When I said them i'm not into selling they insisted me to start a business. It was really overwhelming response and one fine day I thought why not?
Then I started this blog, and then created my logos and so on. This is the exact story of how i start my crochet business. You can also turn your passion into a business if you follow all the below steps.

 Steps to turn your passion into a business:

  1. Skilful crocheter
  2. Choose a unique name
  3. Start a website
  4. Create a logo
  5. Connect with social medias
  6. Take best photographs
  7. Add Copyright policies
  8. Make a business card
  9. Give a good packing
  10. Sell on online sites

1. Skilful crocheter:

If you are seriously into this business you must be skilful in this field. Just be sure that you should be able to crochet all the patterns that customers are asking. If you provide them clumsy or unneat  products they won’t approach you again. So experience yourself from all the flaws you make.

2.Start a website:

Once you are a skilful crocheter make sure to start a website. Blogger and wordpress offers you a free creation of website. You can buy the domain later. Make sure to create a unique website name that you should not change in the future. Stick to one website name.  Creating this website is optional but website provides you copyright and you can also earn through that. But this will need a lot of hardwork. I have started this blog before 4 years and I haven’t earned a single penny through this till date. That’s the truth!

2    3.Create a logo:

Once you named your business create a beautiful and unique logo that matches your work and website. There are plenty of logo creator apps available online or you can approach  logo creator to create it. I approached my friend who is a logo creator and a card maker to create a logo for my website. You can check about her here.

4.Connect with social medias:

This is very important step. Social medias today offers a plenty of opportunities to all the entrepreneurs straight from the home. Make sure to create a gmail id for your website. Use that one gmail id for all your business requirements.
Open a facebook page, Instagram, twitter, pinterest, to share your works to reach out many people. Make sure all these usernames and your website name should match to easily co-relate the audience. You can also join in tumblr, youtube, linked in etc to elaborate your works even more.
Linktree allows you to add all  your social media network under one page. You can link your website, Instagram, facebook, youtube all under one linktree account. You can open a linktree account through your Instagram id only once a time.

5.Take best photographs:

This is the important step to make your business reach more people. Present your works beautifully to yield more customers. Hire a professional photographer or take a best photograph by yourself. Nothing comes easily in this world. You should do more hardwork from your side at first to make it to reach more audience.

6.Add copyright policies:

This step is very important. Don’t forget to add a copyright policy to your blog/website so that the others don’t take your works claiming as their own. Make sure to add your logo picture to all your photographs to avoid piracy. There are plenty of copyright policies available online with a small payment of annually or monthly.

7.Make a business card:

Create a unique style business card that should mention your name, contact number and all your social media links. If your works are beautiful, your customer may approach you to their friends by giving your cards. This will boost your selling.

8.Give a good packaging:

Just make sure your packaging is very neat and beautiful to attract more customers. You can tie ribbons, use doily papers, wrap with gift papers or brown papers to make it more elegant.  Attach a custom designed sticker and your business card for extra look.

This is my packaging.. I'll also add a sticker 
in the center of that doily.

9.Sell on online sites:

Once you finished all the above steps you are ready to sell your work on online aswell. You can sell on Instagram, facebook, etsy or ravelry, etc.. Etsy is especially made for the entrepreneurs whereas ravelry is fully for crocheters and knitters. You can create a pattern and sell on ravelry/etsy also.

How to fix a price for your products? That will be on my next post. Till then take care and

happy crocheting.!

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  1. This article is really useful and explaine me about the steps to start a crochet business and I know more about that now. Thank you so much!!


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