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by - 5/08/2016

Hello my fellow crocheters,

I know all of you keeps on wondering why there is no posts since last august.. Oh well im now a busy mother.. yes gave birth to a prince on 28oct2015.. I know its too late to mention here, since it was a cesarean i need some time to get back on track.. and yeah as im a new mom ofcourse i needed some time to understand my crying fussy newborn,  to know him well, to cope up my patience when he cries, to enjoy all his little moves and smiles and most of all waking up continuously without sleeping for 2 or more days, to master the motherhood life.... But i want to mention here that - im the most happiest mom beyond this all, (Mashaallah) .. I love being a mom.. A new role which i love the most of all the roles i played so far.. (Alhamdulillah)

And i was not planned of this post earlier.. Just opened my laptop and typing out from my mind now.. :p
So i dont know what crochet work to post.. Since there are many of my crochet works are there in pending to post here.. And i promise you all that hereafter i'll post regularly without any long gaps like this... (Inshaallah)

At 1 a.m midnyt i was tired very much.. so i just grabbed a 2mm hook and a leftover yarn and my sony z2 earphone..

Crocheted earphone

One of my crochet works i did when i got so much tired lookin after my son... After all crochet can makes my mind, body and soul peaceful..

Also i wanted to mention you that im going to reconstruct my blog, title design and i wanted to add my signature (not sure about this thou :p)... The process is going on and in a month or two you will see the new MYCROCHETEDS blog... (Inshaallah) ;)

And theres a lot in my mind running ,, Im bit confused whether to keep this blog only for crochet or to add my other works and some useful tips also.. Im not interested to create another blog for each and everything... Since its name is "mycrocheteds" im confused to add other things here... So plz help me out by commenting below... I donot want to change my blog's name also... If you want to see any changes in my blog plz do comment here so that i can add/edit those..

And keep in contact with my crochet works by my other social sites below

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The most active one is instagram, Facebook and gmail... you can check on instagram for my latest crochet works...

Catch you all on my next post and Happy Mother's day to all those lovely, strong and beautiful mommies all over the world.. :)

Happy crocheting...! :)

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  1. Hi I love your works and I love the way you write..One small request..I am a beginner in crochetting and I would like to know about the basics.So Add some lessons If you can so that we can learn from you..❤️❤️❤️Keep up your good work 😊😊😊

    1. Thankyou so much ayesha... Yeah sure.. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel will update all my works and basic crochet techniques inshaallah 😊

    2. Thankyou so much ayesha... Yeah sure.. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel will update all my works and basic crochet techniques inshaallah 😊


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