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by - 8/27/2015

Hi all, welcome to the sunny days.. Yes its sooo much hot here and we cant tolerate the heat day by day.. By diminishing the growth of the trees the earth is becoming hotter day by day - this is the known fact.. Also being a crocheter we should concern for the plants growth, as most of the yarns are made from plants resources.. Even sheeps eat plants too.. We need sheep for the production of yarns.. So crochetee donot wait, lets start to plant a tree and save our future earth and our crocheters life.. :P ;) Only the peoples who has heart will concern for the others and others future..

As its very HOT and being heartful, my todays post is gonna be a HEART HOT HEART!

1. Red heart valentines heart Coaster:

 This is one of the finest heart coaster you can find in redheart site.. This is a beginner cum intermediate skill level but very much fun and easy to make once you learn to make one.. Actually i made these valentines heart coasters as a GIVEAWAY for one person who gave me crochet orders and in that my childhood friend won.. And the interesting thing is that she ordered a heart pillow.. So its a co-incidence that she got these bonus hearts too.. :)

2. Heart Pillow:

I loved this heart pillow.. When my friend asked me to make a heart pillow i searched a lot for the patterns.. But i dint get any,, Finally i extend the rows in a pattern of a small heart and made two pieces like below.. you can get this pattern here (but its a pattern for small size).. 

 So i made this in big size by extending the rows.. I made two pieces of hearts and stitch the wrong sides with the lining cloth and joined the both pieces with the reversible sc and inserted some cotton fur in it... If you want me to explain this pattern comment below in the comment section.. Depends on the number of comments i will make a new post for this crochet pillow with the flowers and leaves... :)

And this is what my friend got - Her crochet pillow order + my giveaway.. Lucky girl! :)

3. Little Heart Plushy key chain:

This plushy look like heart is fun to make.. I added a button with small beads on it for an extra look.. You can get the pattern here...

4. Danish Heart Crochet Pattern :

This heart is so easy to make, even a beginner can make this,, This is a good embellishment for your house.. You can get the free pattern here..

5. Small Heart keychain:

Again i made this heart keychain for my friend "as a token of love".. This heart is very easy to make that you can make a lot in a five minutes of time.. It is very easy to attach on a beanie, booties or headband, etc.. I attached this heart in a headband.. you can take a look at my work..

 click here to get this pattern..

6. Small n Simple Heart:

This simple pattern of heart is very easy to make and you can make a heart garland by this pattern.. Its a great finish and gives you a perfect shape.. Get the free pattern here..

These were the hearts i crocheted so far.. Have to try some more different heart patterns.. I hope you like this heart reviews.. Kindly do let me know below the comment section and do share your crocheting with me.. Lets explore the world of crochet.. :)

Happy Crocheting...! :)

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  1. Mashallah so talented n this is just sooo amazing would surely shop soon from u❤❤❤❤

  2. Mashallah💖 soo beautiful.

  3. Mashallah💖 soo beautiful.


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