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My first trial of sweater.. I followed the pattern in the red heart site.. 

First take a look at few photos of my work.. :P

Im a curious crocheter that i take a lots of snaps when i finish a project even its a small one.. Pardon me for my capturing skills.. :P  Honestly im working on it.. :)

This pattern is available for 6, 12, 18 and 24 months...

I crocheted for 12 months old girl.. I crocheted this pattern with 3.5mm hook.. This pattern has got a hat and this sweater in it.. And they used 3 different colors.. But i used only two colors..

This is a unisex pattern where as you can wear it both for girl and a boy.. As i crocheted this for a girl i placed a small flower in the chest side..

This pattern is actually crocheted in 5 pieces..
Back, Front right, Front left, 2 hands..

Later they are sew together.. Do not sew it with slst, it will looks horrible once you are fully done.. I made that mistake..

Instead sew it with a yarn and a needle using your hand.. That will looks perfect and neat when you are finished and you will never get a feeling that it was sew together..

Flower part is not in this sweater pattern.. Its my own pattern of flower.. You can check the flower part here in my blog post as blooming flower wall hanging... In that pattern i made 6 petals of flower.. But here i just made 5 petals.. Thats not a difference at all.. Instead of 12 sc in the magic round make it as 10 sc and follow the pattern.. :)
Orelse you can make any flowers of your own choice..

And very importantly you can check this sweater pattern here.. 

And i made a simple correction in the neck part.. In stead of following the pattern blindly, I simply made hdc stitch all around the neck part and then finished it off.. Actual pattern has fully closed neck, but for me it looks so closed in the neck part, that babies may feel slight discomfort while wearing it.. So i made a little correction there itself.. And i should mention that i loved the button hole part in it.. Its so simple and different.. What to say i just learnt a new thing in a crocheting technique.. :P

Hope you will also enjoy this pattern like me.... :)


slst - slip stitch
hdc - half double crochet
sc - single crochet

Happy Crocheting..! :)

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  1. Asmath very nice work. Not look like first time. Super <3


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