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Its easy to crochet or knit with the yarns that are already winded.. Also most of the times we buy that winded yarns to save our time and effort to wind it ourselves.. But unfortunately some yarns will be available loosely, that yarns sometimes may be the cheapest one.. And some whole sellers have that type of yarns.. To avoid the expense and considering our budget we where sometimes forced to buy that yarns.. Sometimes considering the quality we will buy that type of yarns also..

Some crafters have yarn winder in their home so they can easily wind those type of yarns easily.. But some of them dont have such yarn winders like me.. So what?! You are having a natural yarn winder with you.. Yes your hand!

Here i share my secret of yarn winding with my hand.. Its so simple to follow..

You can see how messy the yarn is..! Sometimes these happens while buying lots of yarns :(

Well lets start how to wind these yarns easily and quickly..! here we go,

First wrap the yarns in 2 fingers as you see in the pic below

Now remove that wrapped yarn from the fingers and hold it together and wrap some yarns over it as in the pic below

Now fold those two ends together as you see in the pic below

Now start to wrap the yarns over the folded ends as in the pic below

Now you can see a small ball shape forming.. Wrap the yarns horizontally now as in the pic below.

Wrap the yarns vertically now as in the pic below

Now wrap the yarn rightsidewise as you see in the pic below..

Now wrap the yarn to the leftsidewise as in the pic below..

Continue winding the yarns horizontally, vertically and both sidewises to get into the ball shape.. Be careful while doing at first as it will be so small at first so you may find it bit harder to get it into a shape.. Once you start doing it you will find it easier and moreover it will also look like an exercise to your both hands.. :P

Now the yarn got winded fully into a ball shape.. Can you see the difference? And now you can easily crochet or knit with it.. :)

Try it and share your experience with me..

Happy Crocheting..! :)

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