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Im Asifa from India  - girl who is fond of crochetings, yarns and doing crafts.. :)

A warm welcome to every one to my planet of crochet. My crocheteds is full of my crochet works i did, i am doing and i will do.

Starting from baby items, house hold accessories, gadgets covers, decorations, dresses, bla bla bla.., only this word crochet can suit for al these purposes.. 

Is it cold out? you will wear sweater, mufler, gloves, socks to protect yourself from the snowy winds, if those were crocheted by you then what else needed to be happier more than that..

Are you pregnant? your newborn probably needed some afghan spread or cocoon to cover him/her first.. its one of the best options for a crocheter to gift for those new moms.. 

Are you a gadget lover? you wil probably need cover to protect those from falling down and getting cracked, and yeah crochet fulfills it.. 

Not only these but also crocheting relaxes your body, mind and soul.. Moreover you will get addicted to it once you started doing it so just beware when you step into it.. :P.

"Crochet- just a word to others
  but to me its the world" 

I, basically a crochet addict.. I love to crochet.. I crochet when im sad, when im happy, before going to sleep, when i feel hungry, when im angry and so on..

 I actually started my crocheting when im 11 years old.. That times i knew only chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet alone.. Later due to studies i bundled up all those crocheting arts away. Then after finished my college i recollected those crochet skills in me. That was the time my aunt got pregnant and so my crocheting started again and continues till now.. 

I was so thankful to the almighty that i did not forget those basic stitches which i learnt more than 11 years back.. Truly its the god's gifted skill for me.. At times i wonder how do i get this skill even though there are none in my home having these talent, later i came to know that my mom used to knit during her teenage and my granny has done looming too.. So thats an inborn talent runs within my blood :P

 I also tried knitting which is always being a scary part for me.. My mom forget knitting too thats really the sad part. But i wish that one day or other i will learn knitting too (In sha allah), but not now as i am growing my skills in the crochet field alone. 

Without my family and friends' support i would not have been achieved this much. Thank you for every beings out there who brought out my inner talent to everyone. Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and valuable prayers. :)   In sha allah inneed of your prayers.. Kindly check in my works and share your valuable comments.

Feel free to ask me any crochet related questions by mailing me at 


 Jazakallah (Thank you) for visiting my page and for making my day special.. :) :)


  1. Superb Asmath

    You have a bright future in shaa ALLAH

    I do admire ur stufs..its says evrythng..

  2. I ordrd you and its indeed perfct finishn wit ur love
    So i must thank you for the wndrful act

    Azra jamal

  3. Oh so sweet of you majfula.. thanq soo much fa ur motivating words.. it means a lot to me.. thanx a lot once again.. :)


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