May 08, 2016

Busy mom..

Hello my fellow crocheters,

I know all of you keeps on wondering why there is no posts since last august.. Oh well im now a busy mother.. yes gave birth to a prince on 28oct2015.. I know its too late to mention here, since it was a cesarean i need some time to get back on track.. and yeah as im a new mom ofcourse i needed some time to understand my crying fussy newborn,  to know him well, to cope up my patience when he cries, to enjoy all his little moves and smiles and most of all waking up continuously without sleeping for 2 or more days, to master the motherhood life.... But i want to mention here that - im the most happiest mom beyond this all, (Mashaallah) .. I love being a mom.. A new role which i love the most of all the roles i played so far.. (Alhamdulillah)

And i was not planned of this post earlier.. Just opened my laptop and typing out from my mind now.. :p
So i dont know what crochet work to post.. Since there are many of my crochet works are there in pending to post here.. And i promise you all that hereafter i'll post regularly without any long gaps like this... (Inshaallah)

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