March 10, 2014


Yes its actually crocheted with an old blanket.. I used 10 mm crochet hook to achieve this pattern..

I love this tutorial very much.. This blanket is my favourite one which i have it since my childhood.. My mom told me often to throw it away as it gets much old.. But im a bit senti gal, you know..! :P

Thank god i found these tutorial on youtube and so i recycled my soft, lovely blanket into a Rug which is still on my bedroom floor.. ;) Well you can watch this tutorial here...Enjoy.. :)

Ofcourse crocheting this blanket takes a bit of time.. But il bet, you will definitely love this.. And that too recycling your favourite old blanket in this form can makes you happier in a way that your lovable blanket wont go anywhere from you.. Instead of resting on your top of bed it rests on the floor, so what its still in your bedroom only.. :P :)

 Happy Crocheting! :)

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