March 14, 2014


I dont know where exactly i found this pattern.. I searched a lot to link the site here.. But i cant able to found it till now.. So that i didnt mention the exact step by step pattern here.. I just posted only the overview of this pattern..

The pattern starts with the centre flower.. Make any layered flower with 5mm hook and a worsted weight yarn. Once you are okay with the size of the flower finish it, but make sure to finish it with the chains at the back side of the flower, but not crocheting the next layer of flower in those chains.. I made only two layers of the flower..

Next with the other colour attached in the chain space behind the flowers, ttr,sc (4times) once you reach the corner, sc in the same ch sp, 2ch, sc in the next chain space.. Follow these pattern.

The next rows will be followed as ttr in the sc st and sc in the ttr st.. Continue this pattern to as much rows you want.. But make sure to leave 2 ch space at the four corners to form it in the square shape.. Finish the granny square with sc stitch all around and with 3 sc stitch in the ch2 space.. Fasten off and weave in the ends..

And here the layered flower centered Granny square was made.. This is actually a pot holder (forgot to mention first :P) .. ;)


ttr - triple treble crochet or dtr - double treble crochet (both are same)
sc - single crochet
ch - chain
st - stitch

Happy Crocheting..! :)

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