March 07, 2014


Headband 1:

This headband is very easy to crochet and gives you an elastic finish while wearing it in your girl's head..

To start with, ch14, dc in 5th chain, *ch1,skst,dc* repeat *to* 
next row: ch4, skst, dc, *ch1, skst,dc* repeat *to* around.. repeat this row as length as you want and atlast join together both ends with slst.. finish off and weave in yarns.. attach any flower or bow to your desire..

Headband 2:

This headband is easy to make and can be an easy 1 minute gift for anyone if you have no choice at last minute.. you can get this pattern here..

Headband 3:

This is also easy to crochet and easy to get fit in any sized heads... I got this headband pattern here. ... And the flower part you can check it here...

 Happy crocheting..! :)

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