March 26, 2014


Its easy to crochet or knit with the yarns that are already winded.. Also most of the times we buy that winded yarns to save our time and effort to wind it ourselves.. But unfortunately some yarns will be available loosely, that yarns sometimes may be the cheapest one.. And some whole sellers have that type of yarns.. To avoid the expense and considering our budget we where sometimes forced to buy that yarns.. Sometimes considering the quality we will buy that type of yarns also..

Some crafters have yarn winder in their home so they can easily wind those type of yarns easily.. But some of them dont have such yarn winders like me.. So what?! You are having a natural yarn winder with you.. Yes your hand!

Here i share my secret of yarn winding with my hand.. Its so simple to follow..

March 17, 2014


This flower wall hanging is very easy to make and if you dont know what to do with your scrap yarns left, you can still have chance of crocheting this blooming flower wall hanging.. I used 5.0 mm crochet hook and a worsted weight yarn..

March 14, 2014


I dont know where exactly i found this pattern.. I searched a lot to link the site here.. But i cant able to found it till now.. So that i didnt mention the exact step by step pattern here.. I just posted only the overview of this pattern..

March 10, 2014


Yes its actually crocheted with an old blanket.. I used 10 mm crochet hook to achieve this pattern..

March 07, 2014


Headband 1:

This headband is very easy to crochet and gives you an elastic finish while wearing it in your girl's head..

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