January 16, 2014


Booties 1:

Dont think this as an easy one, this has got three separated crochetings which then joined together.. Tedious one yet a simpler crochet booties.. You can find this pattern here..

Booties 2:

I did this pink booties for my friend's baby, this is my first high top booties.. She captured a picture by wearing it on her boy's legs and sent me.. :)

Booties 3:

Again this one i crocheted for my another friend's baby just within an hour.. She captured and sent me the snap.. :)

Booties 4:

This slipper model booties i crocheted for my cousin's baby..

Booties 5:

This one i crocheted for my friend's newborn..

Booties 6:

This one is my favourite among all.. As they say 'Practice makes a man perfect', crocheting with minor mistakes makes me to improve more and more skills and perfection.. This one i crocheted with my own pattern without seeing any videos or written patterns..

Booties 7:

Again this one i gifted for my friend's baby.. You can find the sole part for this booties here...

 To me Booties has now become a perfect and an easy gift for those new moms.. :)

Happy crocheting..! :)

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