May 08, 2016

Busy mom..

Hello my fellow crocheters,

I know all of you keeps on wondering why there is no posts since last august.. Oh well im now a busy mother.. yes gave birth to a prince on 28oct2015.. I know its too late to mention here, since it was a cesarean i need some time to get back on track.. and yeah as im a new mom ofcourse i needed some time to understand my crying fussy newborn,  to know him well, to cope up my patience when he cries, to enjoy all his little moves and smiles and most of all waking up continuously without sleeping for 2 or more days, to master the motherhood life.... But i want to mention here that - im the most happiest mom beyond this all, (Mashaallah) .. I love being a mom.. A new role which i love the most of all the roles i played so far.. (Alhamdulillah)

August 27, 2015

Heart HOT Heart!

Hi all, welcome to the sunny days.. Yes its sooo much hot here and we cant tolerate the heat day by day.. By diminishing the growth of the trees the earth is becoming hotter day by day - this is the known fact.. Also being a crocheter we should concern for the plants growth, as most of the yarns are made from plants resources.. Even sheeps eat plants too.. We need sheep for the production of yarns.. So crochetee donot wait, lets start to plant a tree and save our future earth and our crocheters life.. :P ;) Only the peoples who has heart will concern for the others and others future..

As its very HOT and being heartful, my todays post is gonna be a HEART HOT HEART!

April 04, 2015

My secret of Booties sole

Yeah yeah i know, Its been a year since i posted in my blog.. Got very busy in my world.. Pardon me for this little gap and thanks to each special followers who's been checking my blog for the new posts.. :)

Now moving on to todays topic - Its all about a booties sole.. Yes, I have seen loads and loads of booties sole patterns, each one gets differ from the other in some ways or in some stitches.. And there a little confusions occurs whether to single crochet or double crochet.. Sometimes we get messed up and end up by saying "oh! come on, why are you wasting your time! Just follow the pattern you have seen.. Just do copy cat!" This is what we do most of the times.. Even i did too.. :P 

Then i started to explore with my hooks and yarns.. And i found it a way very simpler than the other patterns.. 

"The only adventure of crochet begins only when you start to explore on it.. Try, try and keep on trying.."

April 12, 2014

Yellow frock

My first trial this frock is..! And it came very well.. I crocheted this for my baby sister.. I love this pattern from Red heart site.. This flowers i used here are not from the red heart site.. But you can find the another design of flower pattern there..

April 02, 2014


My first trial of sweater.. I followed the pattern in the red heart site.. 

First take a look at few photos of my work.. :P

Im a curious crocheter that i take a lots of snaps when i finish a project even its a small one.. Pardon me for my capturing skills.. :P  Honestly im working on it.. :)

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