April 01, 2018


Hello my dear fellow crocheters... How are you all doing? Well i know its been a year i updated my blog.. Life keeps me a looot busy..

Many things happened in this past year.. Some happiness, some sadness.. Many smiles and equally cries.. My first ever travel to dubai with  my son.. Yes, hope you understand how much busy i was that i didnt get time to open my laptop, (ofcourse im a bit lazy mom too, hehe lol)

Well lets come to todays post.. I think you got it from the title.. yeah its a giveaway post.. Im so glad to announce my first ever giveaway in the social media.. Yaay.. Finally.. Alhamdulillah..

March 01, 2017

Super Slouchy Beanie

Hello my crochet friends.. And the cold started to slow down and spring season is about to come in the upcoming days.. Here is a pattern in which you can crochet for both boys and girls..

This beanie is great for winter season.. I recently experimented with this and got one successful beanie..

This is super slouchy type and looks stylish for your toddler

Its a toddler size and i have to make some experiment with these pattern in different hook and yarn sizes..

Now for this toddler size i used 5mm crochet hook and Nako pirlanta yarn

February 18, 2017

Same blog, New look...

Im glad that i made changes to my blog atlast finally...

Thanx to libby.. oh well she is my friend,, hhmm facebook friend.. She is amazing and talented girl.. you should check her website here https://libbycreatio.wordpress.com/

She makes cute customized cards as per our order.. She is one such emerging talenter.. She even gets noticed in the hindu newspaper recently for her amazing works..

May 08, 2016

Busy mom..

Hello my fellow crocheters,

I know all of you keeps on wondering why there is no posts since last august.. Oh well im now a busy mother.. yes gave birth to a prince on 28oct2015.. I know its too late to mention here, since it was a cesarean i need some time to get back on track.. and yeah as im a new mom ofcourse i needed some time to understand my crying fussy newborn,  to know him well, to cope up my patience when he cries, to enjoy all his little moves and smiles and most of all waking up continuously without sleeping for 2 or more days, to master the motherhood life.... But i want to mention here that - im the most happiest mom beyond this all, (Mashaallah) .. I love being a mom.. A new role which i love the most of all the roles i played so far.. (Alhamdulillah)

And i was not planned of this post earlier.. Just opened my laptop and typing out from my mind now.. :p
So i dont know what crochet work to post.. Since there are many of my crochet works are there in pending to post here.. And i promise you all that hereafter i'll post regularly without any long gaps like this... (Inshaallah)

August 27, 2015

Heart HOT Heart!

Hi all, welcome to the sunny days.. Yes its sooo much hot here and we cant tolerate the heat day by day.. By diminishing the growth of the trees the earth is becoming hotter day by day - this is the known fact.. Also being a crocheter we should concern for the plants growth, as most of the yarns are made from plants resources.. Even sheeps eat plants too.. We need sheep for the production of yarns.. So crochetee donot wait, lets start to plant a tree and save our future earth and our crocheters life.. :P ;) Only the peoples who has heart will concern for the others and others future..

As its very HOT and being heartful, my todays post is gonna be a HEART HOT HEART!

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